Vliegtickets.be is a scam site

Hieronder vindt u de ervaring van Guy Evens met reisorganisatie Vliegtickets.nl. Deze is ingevoerd op 20-08-2018 en gaat over de vakantie naar Spanje in augustus 2018.

51-60 jaar
Met vrienden
Vliegtickets.be is a scam site
in Spanje, augustus 2018

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I bought TuiFly tickets from vliegtickets.be under their 'lowest price' warranty. Directly after booking I went to the site of TuiFly for some information and found out that they were 160 euro cheaper! When I contacted vliegtickets.be, they said that the company where the tickets come from don't count... (point 7 of their terms)... What a joke. Don't do business with them. They just add a lot of profit on something that you can buy directly. I would say Vliegtickets.be is a scam or fraudulous site because they claim to pay back the difference.... Lees meer over deze aanbieder>>

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Ingevoerd op 20-08-2018

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