Hieronder vindt u de ervaring van Hitika Bhan met reisorganisatie Deze is ingevoerd op 03-09-2018 en gaat over de vakantie naar India in juli 2018.

21-30 jaar
in India, juli 2018

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I cannot begin to explain how bad my experience was with or They lack customer service, the decency to acknowledge their fault, internal communication & coordination and the basically the skillset required to function as a travel company!!

With the average response time of over a week, they always justify their late response to the fact that they have to "properly understand the matter" before they can get back to me. Not only do they have a lousy product, they have a terrible team managing their customer service (I tried to book a flight at the last moment from them in order to attend a funeral, received the e-ticket in my mail box 12 minutes before the boarding pass counter would no longer allow me in. I COULD REACH THE AIRPORT IN UNDER AN HOUR AND THEY COULDN'T SEND ME MY E-TICKET IN OVER 45 MINUTES!! And then they suggest I contact them using phone when none of their agents attending the phone calls speak English!

My case has been pending for close to TWO MONTHS now and they keep asking ME to check if I've been partially refunded the money they owe me and one fine day (after two months of back and forth), one of their agent says that the refund is pending at their end with their "REFUND DEPARTMENT".

My suggestion is that if you are bored and cannot find anything to do, make a booking using their website (if they are capable of doing it) and then interact with them for the next couple of months - cause that's the only thing they can actually do! I'd have preferred to give a no star rating had that been possible!
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Ingevoerd op 03-09-2018

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