Room for improvement

Hieronder vindt u de ervaring van Robert met reisorganisatie Expedia. Deze is ingevoerd op 24-07-2015 en gaat over de vakantie naar Italië in juli 2015.

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51-60 jaar
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Room for improvement
Familiereis in Italië, juli 2015

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This hotel lacks atmosphere. The staff should compensate this, however they are failing. As a guest you are not feeling welcome as the personal touch is missing. The recptionist was passive, reactive, not very helpfull at all. We were not being served by the waiter although we were waiting. Cleaning kept ignoring that we were with 3 by renewing each day only 2 towels. Our request to share our first impressions have been kept unanswered. The breakfast/dining room is oversized and with a majority of tables offering a 10-12 seating configuration this looks more like a party event facility than a cosy hotel. The rooms are ok, the safe with a key is very old and too small for tablets. Airco functioning well and breakfast was ok. The bathrooms with a slippery floor are relatively small and in urgent need of a renovation. The hairdryer is from the '60s and making noise like a vacuum cleaner. The internet facility is really out of synch, limited access, small bandwith only at the reception desk, anno 2015 this is a bit of a shame. Swimming pool is nice but the rocks are not free from danger esp. for children. A substantial part of the day the reception desk is unstaffed. Overall this hotel should not qualify for a 4 star ranking. Lees meer over deze vakantie>>

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Ingevoerd op 24-07-2015 | Accommodatie(s): Hotel Pulicinu | Vervoer: vliegtuig & auto

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Totaal: 2,5
Vervoer: -
Accommodatie: 3,0
Reisleiding: 1,0
Prijs: 2,5

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